Review of Karcher SC 1 Premium Steam Stick, Steam Cleaner

• Great brand, good value
• Heats up rapidly in just 3 minutes
• Very Compact and versatile, packs away neatly
• Works like a steam mop with attachments

• Not many tools
• Very small tank, have to refill often for larger jobs
• Weight is all in hand (it’s very light though, only 1.5Kg)
• Steam power is not variable

Key Features
• 250ml water tank
• 4 tools
• 4m cable
• 1.5kg without accessories
• Manufacturer: Karcher
• Review Price: €99.00

Overview – what is the Karcher SC1 Steam Stick?

The Karcher SC1 Steam Stick is a small powerful lightweight steam cleaner that can be used both as a steam mop or as a handheld cleaner for a more detailed jobs.

It’s small size and affordability makes it great for smaller domestic jobs. It’s also very affordable but if you’re looking for a more powerful steam cleaner to mop the entire house there are alternatives on the market that are easier in the hand with a larger capacity.

Design and Features

This lightweight steam cleaner is very practical and also lightweight car sharing make great tools and this is no exception. It comes with a variety of small tools for those small cleaning jobs and an extension handle for longer reach if you’re doing floor cleaning.

Extension tubes which are supplied are 45 centimetres long and the hose itself is 110 centimetres long so you can reach anywhere. The small detailing tools come in a handy mesh bag but it doesn’t come with very many tools. The tools include a small plastic brush, power nozzle and detail nozzle along with the floor cleaning head. You also get two terry towelling cloths, one size for floor cleaning and the other for the hand tool. These towels can be thrown in your washing machine for easy cleaning. If you’re looking for additional tools then you can visit the Karcher website where you’ll find a wide range of optional accessories.

The Karcher SC1 Steam Stick – What is it like to use?

The Karcher SC1 is surprisingly quick to get set up and started on first use. However it doesn’t come with any jug but its size is small enough that it can be refilled underneath a kitchen tap easily. In this case I used a small kitchen jug to fill the steam cleaner which works perfectly.

With a full tank of water to steam cleaner heat up in three minutes which is very impressive.

Like all steam cleaners there is a ‘run-in’ time which is the first time you pull the trigger the machine cops and splitters a lot of very hot water the first time you pull the trigger comma as you wait for the steam to make its way through.

A word of caution here, be sure to allow this water to run out of the machine onto the ground or into the sink as it does produce a fair amount of boiling hot water. It also comes with a safety trigger to be used when changing the tools or pausing between jobs. When testing this machine first time I actually used it to clean the inside of a car and at one point I had to clean the upholstery inside the roof of the car over my head so I was very careful to allow the boiling hot water to run through before operating the machine first onto the ground (I didn’t want very hot water to drip down on my head / face, as you can imagine).

The steam cleaner is extremely light and only 1.5 kilograms in weight I found it very easy to use in the hand however I’ve noticed on some reviews that some people complain of fatigue because the weight is all in your hand compared to other stick-style steam cleaners where the weight is lower down.

All the tools come in a nice mesh bag which is handy because you can put the tools back in the bag even when they’re slightly wet. Everything fits neatly back into the box and complete so it’s easy for storage.

The extension tubes and the cleaning head are very lightweight. However I phoned when using the steam cleaner in the house this has a disadvantage because it struggles to cope sometimes on more rugged services like a wooden floor where I had to put some extra effort to give it some momentum.

Having said that it does a fantastic job cleaning floors. This is a powerful steam cleaner which emits a lot of steam. One disadvantage is that the steam is not variable. Another disadvantage I found because of its small size I had to refill this steam cleaner often. For example when cleaning the car thoroughly I had to refill the steam cleaner at least four / five times. However it’s a small price to pay for a machine which is supposed to be the small jobs and its power and versatility overall left a great impression.

When finish cleaning this machine picks up nice and quickly. Simply turn it off and squeeze the trigger for a brief minute to release enough steam pressure that it’s now safe to empty. Then just packed all the tools in the mesh bag comma even when they are wet which is very practical. Everything fits neatly back into the box.

Should I buy the Karcher SC1 Steam Stick?

Definitely, yes! If you’re looking for a small powerful steam cleaner which can operate in the hand comfortably and also work as a steam mop for using on floors then this is the tool for you.
Karcher are known for making great tools this is no exception. Its small practical design and steam power output are very impressive and it cleans very effectively.

As professional cleaning company in Dublin we are used to working with a range of much larger more powerful steam cleaning tools. However this small compact powerful versatile steam cleaner left a very strong impression and indeed a smile on my face after using it. I would highly recommend it, and the reviews I’ve seen online elsewhere are also extremely positive for small jobs or domestic household use.