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remove mould and mildew from bathroom shower using bleach

Remove Mould and Mildew using only regular Bleach

Clean Mould and Mildew from a Shower or Bathroom using just regular Bleach

There are many specialist cleaning products in the shops for removing mould and mildew, however these can be expensive, when in fact regular household bleach will do the same job at less cost. In this short video I explain how it’s done and what simple tools you will need.

Please wear protection over your eyes when using Bleach, otherwise it’s very dangerous!

Video Transcription

So in this quick video I just want to explain how you can remove mould and mildew residue from a shower or bath tub with a few simple products. In this case we’re just going to use regular bleach and I’ll explain how you use bleach to do this. You can also buy these custom specialist products for mould and mildew removal, these can be expensive when in fact ordinary bleach will do the same trick.

Before you do anything, a couple of tools you’re going to need – you’re going to need some kitchen roll, your bleach and this is a cheap garden sprayer (clean bottle) your bleach goes in there. This is your specialist product you can pay for if you want, but you don’t need it. With any of these cleaning products, especially bleach, you will need eye protection, highly recommended. Bleach is dangerous stuff in your eyes! You are also going to need some kind of scrubbing brush, this is a regular vegetable brush, and you got your ordinary old dish brush. You are also going to need some rubber gloves because you will be using bleach.

So, basically first a note about mould and mildew residue. Although this bathtub is pretty clean, the grout is old and needs to be replaced but I just want to demonstrate removing mould and mildew using bleach. The thing about mildew and mould is that it is a living organism and it does require a chemical on it and in this case we are just going to use regular bleach (off the shelf stuff). You want to put a fair measure in here, a good strong solution of bleach into your sprayer and simply go to the affected area and spray on quite a thick application of bleach.

Now you notice the bleach may start to drip down (in this case I’ve just filled this with water to demonstrate) but you’ll notice the bleach may start to drip down the bathtub so you do want to limit that, you don’t want too much bleach on your bathtub surface. But basically then come along just using your brush, this is a great brush for getting into the corners, and just a good scrub into the corners on all of your affected tiles, spray on everywhere and just leave it to sit for five or ten minutes. Let the bleach work its action into the mould and mildew. That will give it a little time.

When you are done then just come along with your shower head and simply rinse down everything, rinse all the bleach off. Be sure in the end to get your paper towel and dry off the affected area completely (with your rubber gloves on). So, there you have it folks, that is the cheap and quick solution to removing mould and mildew from a bathroom or shower without the need of specialist or expensive products.

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